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ALTUSA's Story

SAS USA, Inc. is the Master Distributor for the ALTUSA brand in the United States and the Caribbean (not including Cuba and the Dominican Republic). SAS USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of SAS Prefabricados de Hormigon S.A., a Spanish family company founded in Barcelona in 1900. SAS is the market leader in Spain and throughout Europe in the production and sale of decorative concrete products for outdoor use, such as garden design, landscaping, and construction.

Today SAS USA, Inc. is pleased to present its collection of tiles that combine the traditions of generations in the Mediterranean with a touch of the earth where we stand in the heart of the Maya world.

Our group meets at its new facilities located in Honduras, the merger of two concepts:

Tradition and Technology

From our modern facilities we are in a position to offer variety and quality of products, geometries and colors. Absolutely novel collections that are a guarantee of success for those projects that are looking for excellence.

We Won Many Factory Awards & Got Many Certificates Since 1990-2016